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Upcoming Exhibition

Frances Obie

February 9 to 25, 2023
Tuesday to Saturday
Noon to 5 pm


Frances Obie grew up in West Vancouver, lived for years in Ontario and now calls Fort St John, B.C., home. At an early age, she gained an interest in drawing from her father who was a cartographer and her mother, an art teacher. Apart from these influences, she is largely self taught.

Frances' love of landscape grew from travelling extensively across Canada and the US. She has collected material by taking hundreds of photos enroute, often from the back of a motorcycle. In recent years, she has been drawn to the ethereal atmosphere of B.C.’s northern lakes, so there have been fewer bike rides and more boat trips during her time away. The experience of being on the water has provided a subjective perspective and unique imagery which she is able to draw from when creating her acrylic paintings. Her process has remained the same, whereby many photos are used for reference, along with drawings, recollections and imagination.

The themes presented in her current work are concerned with our human connection with the natural world. Atmospheric elements, space and light are metaphors for feelings and thoughts carried within. As a result, her work is meditative, reflective and compelling.

Frances has won numerous awards for her work, including the Distinguished Representational award in the Peace Liard Regional Art Exhibition. She has participated in group and solo shows locally and nationally. Her work is enjoyed by private collectors throughout the country.

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