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The Ground Beneath My Feet
David Wilson
October 12 to 28, 2023
Gallery Hours: Noon to 5 pm, Tuesday to Saturday.
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 14th. 2 to 4 pm.

Artist Statement

Many Canadian artists find their inspiration in the breathtaking natural landscapes that define our country. Just as a model struts down a fashion runway, Canada's vast beauty captivates those who appreciate it. However, my artistic journey takes a different path. I call an urban centre my home, much like the majority of Canadians. Within these bustling streets, I discover a wealth of culture, diversity, opportunity, and affluence—qualities not easily found elsewhere. Within this urban tapestry, my artistic preferences come to life, where the passage of time and the echoes of memory subtly shape my work.

I can't help but think back to 1982, a year that lingers vividly in my memory. It immersed me in the neo-noir world of "Blade Runner," a film that envisioned 2019 with a gritty, rain-soaked aesthetic. The story of Harrison Ford's character, Rick Deckard, was profoundly influenced by the film's atmosphere. The amalgamation of ambient sounds, reflections, and vibrant colours drew the viewer into the unfolding narrative. That was the artistry I aspired to—a desire to paint in such an evocative manner.

In my creative process, collecting photographic references plays a significant role in my studio. While I primarily focus on portraying Vancouver, BC, the city I call home, I also explore other metropolises like Los Angeles, Paris, and notably, New York. Each city offers a unique array of scenes where the interplay of time and space gradually evolves with each passing day. Occasionally, much like life itself, the world undergoes profound shifts. As I engage in painting, these subjects become metaphors, marking the temporal changes in our lives.

Across my canvases, you'll find an interplay of texts, symbols, and marks, each signifying my personal memories and concepts. By incorporating my own lived experiences into the artwork, I hope to invite viewers to savour their unique encounter with the image before them.

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