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Upcoming Exhibition
April 7 to May 7, 2022
Tuesday to Saturday
Noon to 5 pm

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 9th. 2 to 4 pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, April 23rd at 2 pm

Artist Statement

The artworks in this exhibition encompass the ever-changing moods and impulses that ignite my studio process. Seeming to depict decayed palace interiors and a romantic Parisian landscape, stylistically these works range from an almost obsessive realism, to fuzzy dreamlike images that barely coalesce, to the wild abandon of joyously free mark-making. As I work, I am constantly searching for a structure that is recognizable yet does not allow itself to be locked down, that surprises and energizes me, that hovers in that area between knowing and not-knowing. Form is the phantom, and I am the spark.

GALLERYWEST Magazine Listing: gallerywest/valnelson
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