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July 25 to August 24
Tuesday to Saturday
Noon to 5 pm
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 27                                   2 to 4 pm.

I love how I feel when I do art – total immersion and concentration. I am often unaware of time passing. The process of creating art brings me unique experiences, satisfaction, and learning. 

My focus is pastel painting, primarily of landscapes. The brilliance of pastels and the layering of rich colours bring a distinctive quality to paintings. The goal for me is the experience, but additional fulfillment is gained when the outcome is pleasing. 

My process is swift when trying to capture a movement but slower when seeking a likeness. I tend to work slowly on pastel paintings. 

The natural world inspires me – the forest environment, light and shadow, landscapes, bodies of water, the ever-changing sky and a multitude of colours. I have also found inspiration from memories, moments in time, and my family. I am fond of the Impressionist style. 

I am grateful for all that I have learned from other artists, especially Andrew McDermott.

Paige Axelrood  pastel painter         

Summer 2024

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