Shinsuke Minegishi

3.resurrection-a bud.jpg

Shinsuke Minegishi was born (1970) and raised in Tokyo, Japan. In 1991, he moved to California, USA, to continue his studies. 2 years later, He moved to Vancouver, Canada, to complete his undergrad education at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, where he currently works as a studio technician and instructor. 


Shinsuke Minegishi is an active multiple award-winning print and book media artist. His work is included in solo, group, and adjudicated exhibitions annually. He has shown at numerous private and public galleries and museums. 


His prints and books can be found in numerous public collections throughout the world, from Europe to Asia and American Continents.

resurrection-a bud

Wood-engraving, Woodcut, Collage & Silkscreen

Ed: xxiv

Image size: 10.5"x 7"

Paper Size: 15"x 11"


Available Artwork for Purchasing

For enquiry, please contact the gallery at or call 1 604 559 0576

Viewing is available by appointment at the gallery.


recurring cycles   woman and carp


Silkscreen, Wood-engraving, Collage

Ed: 2

Size: 40"x 116.5"


9.journeyofagirl copy.jpg

journey of a girl


Ed: 34

Image size: 3.75"x 4.5"

Paper size: 9"x 12"


16.reunion copy.jpg



Ed: 21

Image size: 3.75"x 4.5"

Paper size: 8"x 10.5"


15.come home.door is open copy.jpg

come home, door is open


Ed: 16

Image size: 3.75"x5.5"

Paper size: 8"x 10.5"




Wood-engraving, Collage &Silkscreen

Ed: 12

Image size: 7"x 5"

Paper size: 15"x 11"

$400 copy.jpg



Ed: 20

Image size: 6.5"x 5"

Paper size: 15"x 11"




Wood-engraving, Collage & Silkscreen


Image size: 7"x 5"

Paper size: 15"x 11"


7.infiniteflow copy.jpg

infinite flow


Ed: 30

Image size: 6.25"x 5,5"

Paper size: 15"x 11"


11.forgingapath_journeyofagirl copy.jpg

forging a path, journey of a girl

Wood-engraving, Silkscreen

Ed: 12

Image size: 42"x 90"

Paper size: 55"x 98"


Artist's other works are also available by request.

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