Seiji Kuwabara


Born and raised in Japan, Seiji Kuwabara has called British Columbia home since 1991.  

Entirely self-taught, he has gradually built his reputation as a furniture designer with meticulous workmanship and exceptional designs.   His work has been shipped as far as Ireland, New York, London and Singapore.   In addition, he has created more than 200 pieces of original furniture designs and 50 lighting pieces since 2000.

Simultaneously he has been creating three dimensional art work.

He and his wife Himali together operate an original furniture design studio IN ELEMENT DESIGNS.

Available Kuwabara's works to order or to purchase

For enquiry, please contact the gallery at or call 1 604 559 0576



Materials: Pine Beatle, Birch, LED light & Mulberry Paper

Size: 56"x 14"x 14"

Price: $1,700



CONCEPT: Created with love for a custom order last year, ENN is a multifunctional unit whose design was inspired by a clothe stand. This innovative and original design has a variety of functions: shelving, desk and/or seating, and more.

In Japanese, ENN means circle, and each of the three tabletops and legs turn 360° degrees with ease. Once the tabletops are positioned, they are secured by turning the top wooden knob. The ENN can also be folded for easy storage and shipping purposes.

ENN is a fun, innovative, well-constructed and sustainable piece of furniture made of solid wood, oak.

Dimensions: w 15 ½” (size of circle) x d 25” (longest) x h 47”

W 45” x d 25” x h 47” (full position)

Materials: White Oak

Finish: White Wax

Price: $3,400 ( Canadian )



Concept: Imagine IVY growing from the ground onto the wall, this object then becomes a chair when lean against the wall.


200.7. LED version

W 11 1/2" x D 18" x H 78"

Material: Dark Walnut


Finish: Organic oil


Price: $2,600 each

Made to order


IVY CHAIR detail. 


                   KAZE LAMP

CONCEPT:  Flowing like a wind (KAZE), the elegant line and the light coming from the lamp will sharpen your space.

DIMENSIONS:  W 12"x D 5" x H 16"

MATERIAL:  Solid Walnut, Synthetic Paper (100% recycled)

FINISH: Lacquer Finish

PRICE:  $300 ( Canadian )

Photography:  John Bellerose



Dimensions: 3” x 11 3/4” x 56”

Materials: Yakisugi ( Burned and scorched ) Red Cedar

Price: $3,300


Seiji Kuwabara at work in his studio

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