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Upcoming Independent Exhibition
Streams, Shorelines and Reflections

June 30 to July 9, 2022
Gallery Hours: 2 to 8 pm

Artist Statement

I have had a longstanding interest in streams, shorelines, and water in various states including flowing and frozen. This exhibition explores these interests particularly with attention to movement around and over stream beds, rocks and pebbles. The images are based on photographs culled over 40 years. The images have been deconstructed to elucidate underlying colour and forms. The mediums used are oil paint and digital painting mounted on iridescent surfaces. These approaches give witness to stretching, compression and power of water (hydraulics) of underlying and adjacent rocks and fauna. The technique also enhances images on the surface of water on the ocean adjacent to the shore and ocean with stunning images.

Jack Rootman. JUNE 3. 2022

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