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Abstraction in Nature


*These exhibitions are organized and curated by the artists.

April 8 to 11, 2021      11 am to 5 pm daily.

David E. Hall lives in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast. 

Whether hiking in the booming grounds below U.B.C., enjoying the lush old growth forest of the Coastal Mountains or hiking the California desert, natural events that cause him to pause and reflect are his source of inspiration.  Sunlight and the contrast of darkness charges the mood of many of his pieces. 


He explores diverse technique and introduces random elements therefore resisting an imbedded style.  He stirs in the viewer the moments in the environment that are fleeting.


Bird Song

Acrylic on Canvas

24"x 24"

Liz  Christian was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and lived for a few years in Paris. 


She found her home on the Sunshine Coast as an active member of the Art’s Community. 


Her inspiration is a mixture of the essence of the light and colour of the Southwest and the immersion of B. C. nature’s magnificence.

Turquoise stones, silver and gold are her signature pallet.  In the most beautiful light of the mind’s eye she captures a snapshot of her imagination through brilliant colour and form on canvas.



36"x 36"

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